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FITBUNN consists of a live personal trainer dedicated to working one on one with customers to create easy to follow customized nutrition and training plans to improve their quality of life, motivate them to hit the gym or better their fitness activity levels in everyday life. There will be sore muscles and emotional highs and lows, but you will learn along the way that getting in shape is not the dreadful endeavor we've thought it'd be, little by little you will start to enjoy each step of this new journey and you will see for yourself all the new things you thought possibly you’ve never be able to do.

I’ve been helping people reach their fitness goal for over 12 years and getting to change lives for a living is a great privilege, it’s extremely rewarding teaching customers how to enjoy their lives, improve their relationship with food and inspire them to pick better and healthier lifestyle choices. As an accredited Fitness Trainer, I firmly believe in the positive benefits fitness brings to all areas of our lives.

Are you ready to find a healthier version of yourself? 

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